Promoter’s auto-detection will be a paid-only feature starting July 1

I’m making a change to what is included in the free Promoter plan. Promoter has been around for a few years now, and has slowly been growing to track press for over 2500 games. Over 85% of these games belong to a free account. When starting Promoter, I made the mistake of not adding a time-limit to the free plan.

Today, hundreds of games that have been released years ago and are not getting press anymore are still constantly processed by Promoter’s auto-detection feature. During the early growth it was possible to mitigate this by optimising the server code and adding more servers. Now however, too much server time is consumed by customers that will likely never pay for the service. This has a direct negative result for paying customers: The auto-detection is getting slower with every new signup.

To solve this, free accounts will no longer have access to the auto-detection feature starting July 1. New customers will be able to signup for a 14-day free trial that is similar to the previous free plan that included the auto-detection.