Since the public release of Promoter a year ago, I’ve implemented many new features, both based on feedback from users as well as on our own everyday use. Here’s a detailed list of what has been added.

  • Faster and more frequent auto-detection for reviews and mentions.
  • Official support for non-gaming apps.
  • Larger index of app and gaming sites (700+), categorized by platform and recommendations, sortable by number of Twitter followers.
  • Keep track of awards and order them by date.
  • Integration with, automatically fetches the best quotes and awards from Promoter and displays them on your press kit.
  • Redesigned dashboard for quicker overview over all products.
  • Show headlines of reviews in the timeline.
  • Move a review to a different product.
  • Set email notifications per product and user.
  • Export the festival calendar as ICS or get email notifications one week before each deadline.
  • Export reviews, writers and sites as CSV.
  • Display a header image on your public page.
  • Reorder quotes and reviews on your public page via drag and drop.
  • Fetch quotes and awards from your public page as XML or JSON.
  • Show expired and used dates for promo codes or Steam Keys.
  • Install Promoter via the Chrome Web Store.
  • Choose between more flexible pricing plans: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year.

Do you have an idea how to make Promoter even better? Let me know on Twitter.