New in Promoter: April round-up

Hi there. Here’s your monthly summary of what’s new in Promoter.

Dark theme

If you’re on the Studio or Publisher plan, you now have the option to switch to a special Dark theme in your personal settings. It looks pretty neat!

Dark theme

Team notification settings

When adding a new game to your Promoter account, you can now define who in your team should get email notifications about press mentions for that product. This way, you don’t need to remind them that you added a new product that they might want to turn email notifications on for.

Daily summary improvements

Press mentions in daily summary emails are now sorted by publication, instead of by url which makes them easier to read and skim through. Daily summaries now also include a note on how many products from your account you are subscribing to.

Email history in contact list

The contacts list now shows the subject lines of the last three emails that are associated with a contact. This helps you to see at a glance when you contacted a journalist and what your correspondence was about, without having to open the detailed view for that journalist.

Secondary email addresses for contacts

You can now define a secondary email address for each of your contacts which helps you to avoid having duplicate entries for the same person.

Tracking of NeoGAF mentions Promoter now tracks mentions of your games on the NeoGAF forums. Since NeoGAF does not have support for RSS, I wrote a custom parser for NeoGAF to scrape the data from the website directly.

Calendar email reminders Please note that email reminders for festival submission deadlines will only be sent out to users with a paid plan going forward. The calendar itself is still publicly available.