New in Promoter: August round-up

Better contact search

It’s now possible to search for contacts by city, country, job title and notes, in addition to name, email and website. If you add a Twitter handle to a contact, Promoter will automatically fetch city and country from the Twitter meta data if present. Job title and notes are data you enter yourself. You could for example add at which event you first met a person, and then later easily find all contacts that you met at that event. An additional improvement is the new loading spinner that indicates when a search is still in progress.

New interface for filtering and sorting sites

The site index now has an new, easier-to-use interface for filtering and sorting sites. You can filter by platforms and country, and sort by Twitter followers. For example, if you’re showing your Steam game at PAX, you might want to filter by the US and PC/Mac to research publications to contact. All options generate unique urls that are bookmarkable in your browser for quick access.

Filter and sort interface

Preview for review copy emails

You can now see a preview for the emails Promoter sends on your behalf to people who requested a promo code of your game, without having to go through the request form yourself.