New in Promoter: February round-up

I’m constantly adding new features to Promoter, based on user feedback and using Promoter myself everyday. You can always learn about new features directly on Twitter. In addition to that, I’ll do a monthly round-up of new features here on the blog. Let’s get started.

Manual assignment of publications to contacts

Previously, it was not possible to manually assign a publication (such as or for example) to a contact. You had to rely on Promoter figuring out the relationship based on the email address or the meta data from the RSS feed of a website where the article did appear.

Now, you can finally add and remove publications to contacts manually as you wish, filling in the missing information that Promoter could not infer by itself. The new feature took some restructuring of the database, which is why it took a bit longer to implement. It has been a long-standing feature request by many users, so I’m really happy it’s finally here.

Block requests from scammers

Any service that allows people to request Steam Keys or other promo codes for games attracts scammers that are trying to impersonate someone else to get free codes and resell them. For YouTube channels, Promoter already requires users to authenticate via a Google account, which makes it impossible to impersonate someone. However, scammers can still pretend to be a journalist writing for a popular outlet. If you spot a scammer in your press request list (usually by a suspicious email address), you can now block them using the 🚫 symbol. All current requests made for the blocked email address will be hidden from your list and you all future requests by blocked users are not being saved to your account at all. Scammers are not able to see that they have being blocked, apart from the fact that you’re not sending them a key.


If you had a lot of data in your Promoter account, you previously might have experienced long loading times or even timeouts in the worst case. Now, Promoter uses pagination for your contacts, publications and email lists, to significantly speed up loading times.

I hope these additions make Promoter even more useful to you. There’s some cool stuff coming for March, so keep an eye on the blog.