New in Promoter: July round-up

The biggest change for July is a brand new design for the homepage. Promoter offers a large set of features, and the old homepage didn’t do a good enough job of explaining them and how they make your job easier. Thanks to the talented people at thoughtbot, the new homepage provides a much better tour through the features and tells who else in the industry is using the service and why.

Behind the scenes, I mostly worked on maintenance and bug fixes. One bug was specifically hard to catch: A race condition in which sometimes Slack and email notifications would not be sent, because the background job system would try to process the notification job before a new mention was actually saved in the database. I solved this by migrating from Rails Observers to ActiveRecord after_commit callbacks. At the same time, I upgraded many Ruby gems in preparation for the upcoming switch to Rails 5. The latest version of Rails offers many real-time features which I hope to use for Promoter in the future.

Lastly, the site index got a big “summer cleaning” update where many dead or inactive sites got removed.