New in Promoter: March round-up

Here’s the monthly round-up of new features in Promoter.

Search contacts

If you navigate to the Contacts tab, you’ll find a new input field on top of the page that allows you to search for contacts in your Promoter account. You can find contacts by name, email address or associated websites. For example, type in to find all writers in your account that are associcated with Killscreen. Contacts can be created automatically or manually in one of the following ways:

  • You emailed a press contact and BCC’d the email to your Promoter inbox address
  • Someone requested a review copy using your Promoter form
  • Promoter found a press mention of your game and added the author of the mention as a contact
  • You manually added someone to your contacts in your Promoter account


You can now assign contacts to one or multiple custom lists. Lists are useful to put people into actionable groups you want to focus on. For example, we have a group called GDC 2016, where we kept all contacts we requested a meeting request with for that event. To create your first custom list, just click on the Lists tab in the top navigation. Then edit a contact and check the lists you want the contact to be part of. Lists can be exported as CSV files.

Email notifications

A not-so-great incident with Mandrill forced me to look for alternatives when it comes to email delivery of notifications for press mentions, press requests and festival reminders. After some research on the best option, I’m happy to have now migrated all outbound and inbound email processing to Postmark. You’ll see two improvements from this change. Postmark focuses on transactional emails only (no marketing emails are allowed on their service), so they can offer higher delivery rates than other bulk email services. Review copies that you send with Promoter are therefore less likely to end up in a Spam folder. In addition, Postmark is the fasted email service provider out there, so email notifications about press mentions arrive in your inbox even faster.

I hope you find these new changes and additions to Promoter useful. If you have any feedback or questions, please email me at or hit me up on Twitter.