New in Promoter: May round-up

Hi! Here’s what’s new in Promoter this month:

Better meta data parsing

Promoter will now automatically parse review scores from websites that have implemented the open Review Schema standard. Parsing of author names for mentions that you add manually to your account has improved as well. For example, when you add a YouTube video it will now recognize the correct author name automatically. Some of the parsing features in Promoter are part of my open-source library Raev. Check it out if you’re curious how it works in detail.

Payment and billing improvements

I implemented some improvements on the payment form that prevent certain cases where a valid credit card was previously wrongfully declined.

When you upgrade or extend your plan, Promoter will now email you an invoice receipt as a PDF. (Your accountant loves PDFs!)


The feature set of Promoter has grown quite a bit since its very first version in 2010. I realized I needed to improve the initial experience for new users and added a few onboarding emails that will tell you about key features if you have not already discovered them yourself. Promoter will remind you to add a product to track, explain how to BCC or forward emails to your account inbox, and help you setting up integrations with Slack, HipChat or Campfire.

One more thing …

You can now run Promoter in Duskers by typing 'run promoterapp' into the console. ;)