New in Promoter: September round-up

Twitch authentication

The biggest new feature this month has been on my backlog for a long time, so I’m really happy it’s here: As with YouTube, content creators on Twitch are now required to authenticate when requesting a review copy of your game. This ensures that it’s no longer possible to impersonate other content creators and helps reduce fraud from key resellers. You can also see the number of followers a Twitch channel has. The follower count is updated once a day.

Improved auto-detection for edge cases with special characters

The auto-detection of mentions and reviews is based on exact matches of a game’s title and additional search terms. However, this does not work well for certain edge cases. For example Promoter previously had trouble to automatically find headlines like “Future Unfolding's team wants to randomly generate hand-designed puzzles”, because of the ’s. In another edge case for a game like N++ Promoter would previously ignore the special characters of the title and falsely match any headline that included terms like “Android N”. These edge cases are now all gracefully handled by Promoter.

Automatic parsing of category

Promoter will now automatically set the category of a mention to Forum post for and mentions, and to Video for YouTube and Twitch mentions.

I hope you enjoy the new features and changes! Let me know if you have any feedback.