Promoter Database Upgrade

Promoter suffered some serious downtime over last weekend and the following Tuesday due to problems at my hosting provider Heroku. I’ve been in touch with them to discuss how to avoid this kind of downtime in the future, leading to the following steps:

  • I upgraded the database of Promoter to the next higher database plan, which has an expected uptime of 99.95% (instead of 99.5% for the old database). The new database is also noticeably faster, thanks to in-memory cache.
  • I set up a read-only Follower database for redundancy and failover. If anything bad happens to the production database in the future, I will be able to switch to the Follower database within minutes. This should help to reduce downtime significantly.

I apologize to everyone who was affected by the downtime. If you have any questions or feedback please email me at