Promoter is now its own company

Promoter is now its own separate limited company called Promoter Studios Stockholm AB. That might sound like a long name, but there are some naming restrictions for companies in Sweden that require this slightly longer name in my case. I'm still owning and running Promoter 100% myself, and I will keep being involved with Spaces of Play and the development and marketing of Future Unfolding, so no changes there.

While moving everything to the new company, I reimplemented the payment system from scratch using Stripe. So, the next time you upgrade or extend your plan it will save your payment details and you won't need to enter them again after that. Plus, the checkout process is much smoother in general.

The new company is based in the co-working space The Park that is located in the Vasastan area in Stockholm. If you're based in Stockholm and would like to get a personal demo of Promoter or one-to-one support, let me know and we can schedule a meeting there.