The 'Borealis' Release


Time for a status update! Here's what's new in Promoter:

Public list of available games

The press request form is a popular feature in Promoter that allows journalists and content creators to request a key for a game, and game developers to automatically send out multiple keys at once with only two clicks. The new public list of available games makes it easier for content creators to see which games can be requested on Promoter. Note that the list does not include games from free or trial accounts.

Content creators now need to at least have 25 YouTube subscribers or Twitch followers to request a key.


In your timeline, mentions of your games are now loaded via websockets instead of being polled every few seconds. That means you'll see a new mention the second Promoter finds it. This really makes a difference when you add a new game and see the mentions popping in instantly.

Filter reviews by country or language

You can now filter mentions for your games by country and languages. This new filter can also be applied to CSV exports. In addition to that, many international non-English gaming sites have been added to the site index for more complete coverage.

Usability improvements

Two small changes that I think you'll like:

  • When creating a new record like a contact or a mention, the form will now automatically focus the first field to you save a click.
  • Search results for contacts are now always sorted alphabetically, making the result list easier to read.