TL;DR NOV-2017

Steam alters user review system to combat spamming
“If someone has rated an excessive number of reviews on a single game, they'll start to see the weight of each individual review count for less and less.”

How to Get Rich Playing Video Games Online
“In recent months, this pool of sponsorship money has deepened considerably, as companies, from game studios to energy-drink brands and fast-food chains, rush to purchase streamers’ influence.”

Getting Journalists to Cover Your Game
“To get journalists to cover you, you need to understand what they want, and the business model for contemporary journalism.”

Kickstarter launches Patreon rival Drip
“Drip will be an invite-only platform to begin with, although Kickstarter hopes to open it to more creators in early 2018.”

Housemarque's bittersweet farewell to the arcade shoot 'em up
“The core thing is that there's no paying audience for games like this. Or we can't reach them, and I don't know how those people can be reached if they haven't heard about our games already.”

Exhibiting Difficult Games
“It’s exciting to see really practical issues of games curation getting discussed more widely.”

A future I would want to live in
“Seizing only opportunities presented to you and never going exploring beyond that will probably lead you to a local maximum.”

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