To trade something with someone

Sometimes I contact developers who are about to release their game on Steam if they want to try out Promoter to track press mentions. I’d offer them 1 month for free, since they’d often hit the limits of the free plan really quickly during the launch window.

One developer was generous enough to offer me a Steam Key in return. There was something I really liked about that, so I’m going to try the following for a bit:

Email me a Steam Key of your game, and I’ll give you 1 month of the Studio plan for free. The small print: The offer is limited to one free month per developer, regardless of how many keys you are sending me. If I already own the game or know someone who’d really enjoy it I’ll give it away, otherwise I’ll use it for myself.

Speaking of which, you can BCC any email containing a Steam Key to Promoter to automatically mark it as used.